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Motivational Monday, October 21, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (10-21-19)

If you have studied Edison you would know he was a man of perseverance and a growth mindset. His perspective on “so called failure” just inspired him to work harder, not shut down and quit. To most successful people the process is more important than the result. Being on that daily grind, embracing the struggle, is what they value and find rewarding.

What if on the other side of your struggle is success, but you are too afraid to keep pushing?

David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director

#WinTheDay #GRIT #GrowthMindset #AaronStrongFoundation #ChangingLives #LoveTheProcess #BeatMondayBattles #MakeYourLifeCount #BuildSomeoneUp

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