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Motivational Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (1/21/19) #Hope

In honor of today being MLK Day, there is none better to receive a message from than Dr. King himself. We as a society, and especially our youth, tend to give up hope when any type of disappointment happens. Life can be very challenging, and at times unfair; but our perception of these setbacks is what determines our impact and ability to accomplish our goals. Dr. King knew all about setbacks and how unfair life can be. He was fighting to change a system and a negative culture that eventually took his life. His commitment to his mission was heroic! In my opinion, he did it the right way, even when challenged physically, he never wavered from his beliefs and approach. He never lost HOPE. If you are experiencing some disappointments lately, stay the course, and never lose hope. Fight through the struggles and your mission can be accomplished too. David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director #WinTheDay #GRIT #GrowthMindset #AaronStrongFoundation #ChangingLives #LoveTheProcess #BeatMondayBattles #MakeYourLifeCount #MyPlatform #KOTO #MondayMotivation #GritThroughIt #GotGrit

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