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Motivational Monday,

Happy #MotivationalMonday (10/22/18) #HardWork

I believe talent is something that you can improve on over time. However, I also believe that it has a cap in certain areas. Take my left arm for example; I had dreams, like most young kids, of playing professional baseball. No matter how hard I worked at it, the hardest I ever threw was in the low 80’s when it came to miles per hour. That is not going to get you to the Big Leagues!

But, I did pride myself in my work ethic, and that was something I could control at all times. I did not reach my ultimate goal of playing professionally, but I was able to have a successful collegiate baseball career, graduate with my degree, and build friendships that will last forever, which included meeting my future wife.

What if I would have quit because my talent wasn’t where it needed to be? None of these other wonderful things in my life would have happened. Society puts too much emphasis on talent, and while it does have a value, it’s not the only component in the success formula. If you have talent and never apply it with hard work, that talent is wasted. Take Jeter’s advice and DO NOT let anyone work harder than you for your goals. If you fail, at least you know you gave it everything you had and I will bet other doors will open for you. Trust the process!

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