Motivational Monday July 30, 2018

Happy #MotivationalMonday (7/30/18) #OvercomingFailure


I am currently reading “Relentless Optimism,” by Darrin Donnelly, with my sons.  It is a fable about an aging minor leaguer trying to make it to the Major Leagues.  He feels he is running out of time until he meets a new minor league manager who gives him a new perspective on life. 

This manager preaches that failure is a L.I.E. It is Limited, Isolated, and External.  Now, there is no doubt I love baseball and instantly fell in love with this book, but this message applies to all of us, not just baseball fans.  How many of you let failure become a permanent thought in your mind and you think about it frequently?  I have, and still do from time to time.


Those who are successful recognize it, argue with it, and replace it with thoughts of optimism.  This type of a mindset is a choice that you, me, and anyone else can do as well.  If you’re not doing this, start today! 


David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director


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