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Motivational Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy #MotivationalMonday (3/19/18) #Perspective

We all too often just look at what is going on negatively in our life and make an emotional judgement, or preconceived notion, that our life is terrible and want to blame someone or something for it. We ask over and over, why is this happening to me, or us? A lot of people are guilty of this, I know I am. I have done this several times in my life when it (life) really knocked me down. I did it when I first found out Aaron was diagnosed with Trisomy18, and then again when he passed away. At that time, all I was doing was “looking” at our setback and not “seeing” our setback as a vehicle for growth and compassion.

Just like a thunderstorm can be “looked” at in a very negative way, some “see” this same storm as a blessing to their livelihood. Do I wish Aaron was with Leah and I, and our family? ABSOLUTELY! We did not choose his outcome, it was chosen for us; BUT, we made a decision to “see” AaronStrong grow and help as many people in our community as possible.

March is Trisomy Awareness Month and, as many of you know, we are selling shirts for awareness and as a fundraiser for our foundation. I am a high school teacher and many of the students at my school have purchased one. We introduced Aaron’s footprints on the front of this shirt and last week when coming in to school I saw dozens of kids wearing this shirt. I could not help but “see” the impact this little boy has had on so many people, and more importantly, myself. If you read these blogs every Monday, he is impacting you too! I am so glad Leah and I, with the help of our Lord, made a decision to “see” a positive to Aaron’s life and share these blessings with you all.

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