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Motivational Monday, November 13, 2017

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Happy #MotivationalMonday (11/13/17) #WorkEthic As many of you know by now, former Major Leaguer, Roy Halladay, passed away this past week in a plane crash. First off, our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and teammates. I spent the first part of my adult life watching Halladay dominate on the mound. He was consistently picking a part an opposing team’s lineup and doing it with an amazing competitor’s spirit. It really was remarkable to watch! When he passed away, I found myself reading article after article about his playing career and, more importantly, the type of character he possessed. So, I thought, why not honor him in our Motivational Monday? After pitching just one full major league season in 1999, Roy Halladay really struggled in 2000. He had over a 10 ERA* with 60 plus innings pitched (highest single season ERA in MLB history with minimum 60 innings pitched). He was sent all the way down to single A and had to completely revamp his throwing style or get out of baseball. Well, Roy Halladay didn’t stop playing baseball. Instead, he got to work, and over the course of a few months he was back in the major leagues and quickly making a name for himself. He would go on to win over 200 games, throw 67 complete games (with 20 shutouts), strikeout over 2100 batters, and posted a career ERA* of 3.38. Needless to say, Roy Halladay will be a Hall of Famer! Not many people can face that type of failure and continue to work, persevere, and succeed. What if he would’ve quit? You see, talent didn’t get him Hall of Fame numbers, his work ethic did! You might not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s there. You just have to keep grinding and believing in the process! *ERA = Earned Run Average David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director #WinTheDay #GRIT #GrowthMindset #AaronStrongFoundation #ChangingLives #LoveTheProcess #BeatMondayBattles #MakeYourLifeCount #MyPlatform #KOTO #MondayMotivation #RoyHalladay

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