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Motivational Monday June 19, 2017

Happy #MotivationalMonday (6/19/17)

Feelings, or emotions, are part of us, whether good or bad. At times, I find myself riding a wave of “feelings” that I never should have surfed. Many times, those waves lead us down paths of regret. Everyone gets frustrated and angry at times, but when we find ourselves drowning in emotion that is pulling us away from our goals, that is the time to catch a new wave. Choose to ride the positive feelings, and when new waves of emotions hit, choose to surf the ones that will take you closer to your goals. Happy Summer!

David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director #WinTheDay #GRIT #GrowthMindset #AaronStrongFoundation #ChangingLives #LoveTheProcess #BeatMondayBattles #MakeYourLifeCount

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