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Motivational Monday March 20, 2017

Too many people only look at the “events” that have happened in their life and not the “response” they had to said event. Successful people focus not on the setback of a particular circumstance, but how they can choose the proper response to acquire the success they desire. One of the hardest things for me after my three major setbacks in life was to make the “choice” to move forward on a path of recovery.

The “decision” to start and ma...intain the AaronStrong Foundation was not an easy one, but I am thankful I did not let the unfortunate circumstances control my life; instead, I made the decision to promote the mindset of “turning negatives into positives!” Are you only focusing on your circumstances, or are you making CHOICES to better your life and those around you?!

David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director

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