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Our Mission:  Adversity defeats people daily.  By inspiring and empowering others to develop Growth, Resilience, Initiative and Tenacity, the AaronStrong Foundation provides individuals with the tools to confront and persevere through adversity to build inner strength.

Our Goals


1. To speak with as many schools/clubs/organizations as possible sharing the AaronStrong message to empower people to confront adversity.


2. To offer a Grit workshop (Grit through It!) to the community and various organizations, and to train staff members on how to effectively teach/incorporate Grit strategies in their school/organization.


3. To raise funds and provide individuals, groups, and/or organizations who need support, with adverse situations.


Those who have benefited from AaronStrong fundraising: Trisomy 18 Foundation, Scholarship Program (South Lake County High Schools), Winnie Palmer Hospital.


Future plans of AaronStrong fundraising: Infant Funeral expenses. Continue current relationships and build new relationships with organizations who help people confront adversity.

Rise and Shine


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