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Series for Teens


Our students see an average

 46% increase in GRIT strategies!

"I was really excited to hear about the Grit Series being developed for teens. After hearing David's AaronStrong message a few times I knew this would be a great opportunity for my son to learn mental toughness. My son competes in travel baseball and with any sport learning to persevere when times are tough is a life lesson. David met my expectations, because he was able to connect with my son and use his personal experiences to push him to think about his strengths and weaknesses. Once my son discovered where he needed improvement, David helped develop a plan of overcoming his weakness. My son's coach even noticed improvement over time. I also liked how the boys worked in small groups during the series, which created a sense of unity. My son's favorite parts of the series were the motivational videos and personal stories. Thank you David Bultema!"

GRIT Series Quick Facts:

-Meetings held once a week for four weeks

-Location: Community Foundation

of South Lake

-Dinner is provided each night

-$25 deposit is required but it is refunded

if the student attends all four classes

GRIT PIC 2.jpg

In early January of 2019 we completed another successful GRIT series. The six students attending were in 6th-11th grade.

On the first day, the students took an eight-question assessment that helps us determine their GRIT score. Angela Duckworth developed this tool to evaluate just how gritty a person is, and the score is only accurate with the absolute honesty of the participant. At the end of the four weeks, the students retake the assessment.


Throughout the four weeks, David Bultema shares personal stories and experience coupled with videos and interactive resources to teach the students how to develop a growth mindset. He encourages them to set goals for themselves and write down a plan of action to accomplish them in a certain period of time. He also challenges them to think for themselves, focus on their strengths and fine-tune the weak points.



On the last night, he showed a video flashing images of people choosing to wake up early and train hard to reach their goals. David highlighted his favorite quotes afterward, “Sweat is a choice.”   “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” He also highlighted the Pyramid of Success created by John Wooden, a well-loved basketball coached at UCLA whose teaching on leadership, and competitive greatness has held up well against the test of time. 


The students took their final GRIT score assessment, and we are pleased to share that all six students increased their score. Some students showed gains as high as 20% which is equivalent to raising a C grade to an A.

When I asked 15-year-old Marcus what he learned attending the class, he said, “I learned to get things done at the moment instead of procrastinating and putting it off until later.”

His favorite part of the class was, “Self-evaluating and applying the information to my life right away.” It was helpful when David Bultema paused the class to allow the students to write down their goals, their strengths and weaknesses so that they could determine how they could take a step toward a more positive mindset in their personal lives.

Marcus’ dad shared with me that his son has already shown increased motivation in schoolwork. He said, “He no longer wants to just get by, but has the desire to be the first kid in his class done with the work. His grades have improved from a C average to a mixture of A’s, B’s and C’s.”

Another aspect that the GRIT series has encouraged in his son is that “he is more vocal, speaking up, sharing his thoughts and also listens better to peers and adults.”

14-year old Katelyn told me that the videos were her favorite and she enjoyed the way David discussed them in detail after watching them together as a class. When I asked her what she has learned most from the class, she said, “I realize now that I can think more positively about things that happen instead of focusing on the negative. When I get a bad grade, I can think about how to do better next time instead of just feeling bad about it.” Katelyn’s mom agreed that her daughter has developed her growth mindset and her perspective has shifted to focus more positively.

The parents enjoy the videos shown in class and the practical application of the concepts taught. One parent commented, “It’s a wonderful program for our youth! Keep going!”

Laura has noticed that her son is more aware of how to plan ahead to get things done. He doesn’t procrastinate anymore because he finishes his work before she even has to ask him. He then, in turn, is more positive and has more time to do the things he wants to do.

The GRIT series is be offered again in the fall of 2019, and we would love to see your middle or high schooler attend!

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