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January 13, 2020

Happy #MotivationalMonday (1/13/20)

When you think of talent, you most likely think of something that you are naturally good at; some ability you have been blessed with.  Although being talented at something is an amazing gift, it can also become someone’s downfall.  When we are talented at a certain skill, sometimes our mindset is one that leads us to believe we don’t have to work as hard in that area as someone less talented at that skill.  It is this exact mindset that leads us into allowing our tal...

January 6, 2020

Happy #MotivationalMonday (1/6/20) #Goals

A new year brings new resolutions. Unfortunately, many of the resolutions set this time of year are quickly forgotten. Whether it is because we consider the first sign of failure as an end, or perhaps because the resolution seems too big for us to handle; either way many times it seems to fizzle out before we really get a chance to get started. This often happens because those resolution "wants" never translate into concrete goals.

If you have a New Ye...

December 30, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (12/30/19)

People who do not always give 100% EFFORT typically find excuses for why they didn’t achieve something. I love this message because of the truth behind it. We all have the same amount of equal time to grind out our goals. As a teacher and youth coach, I see parents and kids fall in to the trap of blaming someone or something for their failures all too often, when in reality it was usually an issue of effort or lack of effort.

Effort is about choices! Be a prod...

December 23, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (12/23/19) #Perspective

This quote means so much to me personally and professionally. We tend to dwell on the negatives of life way too often. I personally struggle with this from time to time, just ask my wife and kids. I think we all fall victim to this way of thinking sometimes; it shows we are human. However, if this is your way of thinking every day, you are stuck in a mindset that is in a downward spiral and more than likely limiting your skill/ability in many...

December 15, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (12/16/19) #Discipline

We all need to be motivated toward our goals, but sometimes the motivation only last so long. Then what? That is when discipline steps in. Being disciplined allows us to grit through the times when we are feeling anything but motivated. Try using a daily checklist to hold yourself accountable for your disciplined routines.

So, if you are feeling unmotivated on this Monday, allow your discipline to kick in and GRIT through the day!

David Bultema - Founde...

December 8, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (12/9/19) #BuildingCharacter

Last week I went to a “Capturing Kid’s Heart” training and our instructor was Brad McCoy. He did a lesson on how a teacher or a parent can motivate students better when they empower them to learn from and confront life’s struggles, versus trying to make everything easy and accommodating to their needs. 

Persevering through life’s struggles is what builds character and grit. As parents, it is natural to want to make your child’s life easier; but in the...

December 1, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (12/2/19) #Kindness

To honor Mr. Rogers and the film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” we chose a quote and iconic photo from the legendary Fred Rogers. There is not a better example of kindness than the life of Fred Rogers. His leadership and genuine character were a staple in many peoples’ lives for several decades. 

This photo was taken in 1969.  What seems like a simple gesture was a very big (and some considered very controversial) statement. Segregation was still very...

November 25, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (11/25/19) #Success

Success is not automatic!

Although we would all like success to be easy and fast, most times it is anything but that. It takes discipline and perseverance to see most of our goals through to the end.

If you can stick with your process, and push through the adverse and frustrating times, crossing over that bridge to accomplishment is oh, so sweet!

David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director

#WinTheDay #GRIT #GrowthMindset #AaronStrongFoundation #ChangingLives #L...

November 18, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (11-18-19)

Both management and leadership require expectations from others, but they are very different in their processes.  Management is about demanding expectations to be met, where leadership is about inspiring and motivating others to meet expectations.  

A true leader cares as much about the people they lead as they do about the results they are trying to accomplish.  A great leader inspires a vision and creates buy-in from others to share in that common goal...

November 11, 2019

Happy #MotivationalMonday (11-11-19)

Our foundation would like to THANK ALL of our military personnel (former and current) for their Bravery which allows us to enjoy the many freedoms that we have.

We get to challenge people to have a championship mindset each and every week because of the sacrifices you have made and continue to make for our country.

David Bultema - Founder & Executive Director
#WinTheDay #GRIT #GrowthMindset #AaronStrongFoundation #ChangingLives #LoveTheProcess #BeatMondayBattles...

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